2015 Youth Hunt

Another great day at Sioux River wildlife hosting the 2015 youth hunt…. We had 7 hunters n got 12 birds with everybody getting at least 1…This is our 8th year doing this n it is always my favorite hunt of the year…seeing the smiles is priceless


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Wheeling Sportsman Rooster Roundup

Had a great day at Sioux River Wildlife hosting the Wheeling Sportsman Rooster Roundup sponsored by the National Wildlife Turkey Federation. Read more

2014 Youth Hunt

Behind the scenes 2014 youth hunt



Another Great Group!

Had another great group today …It was a father n his three sons …. Just the feeling one gets when creating such an environment n being able to spread so much cheer to there faces is what makes it all worth it for me…all they could say is that was the greatest thing they have ever seen…. The snow, the dogs, the birds n getting to share it w there dad…a day they won’t ever forget..